Our Services

ProSupplier Services assists contractors in obtaining materials, finishes, appliances, and specialty items in a cost effective and timely manner.  All experienced contractors know that their biggest customers get the best pricing.  The same concept works for the contractor and their suppliers, the more they spend with one supplier the better pricing they can get.  This is the concept of economies of scale, the larger the volume the better the price.

The majority of contractors are small or medium sized enterprises who procure their materials locally and work hard to get the best price they can.  In some cases they are able to obtain the best pricing and give themselves a competitive advantage in the tight margin construction business.  However, based upon our first hand experience in construction as well as the challenges our clients face, most are not getting the best pricing due to the lack of buying power.

ProSupplier Services has established a strategic relationship with one of the country’s largest buyers of construction and related materials, over $40 BILLION per year.  That is a lot of buying power to obtain the best pricing.  ProSupplier Services assists our clients in leveraging this buying power by consolidating their purchases through this national giant.

So how do we do it. We begin by evaluating what you are buying and what you are paying to make a determination if we can assist in saving you money or solving other problems related to specialty items or stocking and delivery issues.  This evaluation is cost free, we put the time in to see if we can help you.  

Once we have determined what savings can be achieved we set you up directly with our partner so you can begin enjoying those savings and enhancing your profit.  Our role is to provide our partner with the specialty items they don’t carry or do not have in stock.  This creates a WIN-WIN-WIN.  You get to save money, our partner grows their business by you becoming their customer and enjoying the savings that come from their size, and ProSupplier Services provides the cost competitive specialty items that our partner cannot provide. We stay engaged with you all the way to assure you are getting the financial results and customer service you need to be more competitive.  Please see our latest news for some examples of our great work.

Our proven model has helped numerous contractors reduce cost by consolidating their buying power to fewer suppliers and leveraging their purchasing power.

 In construction it is all about quality, cost, and timeliness. 

We get it, and we provide it!!